Corporate Law

General Corporate Services
Mergers and Acquisitions
Restructuring of companies
Trade transactions
Registered pledges
Proceedings before the Commеrcial Register

Banking & Finance

Financial Institutions and Regulations
Corporate Lending
Bank insolvency
Project financing
Collateral, operating and financial leasing
Capital Markets

Real Estate and Construction

Legal Analysis on Properties
Real Estate Transactions
Condominium Management
Lease of Properties
Urban Planning and Development

Tax and Accounting Law

Corporate tax, distribution of dividends
Value Added Tax
Local taxes and fees
International taxation
Accounting service
Administrative and judicial challenging of tax adjustment notices

Public procurement

Rules on public procurement
Guarantee of publicity and transparency
Preparation and conduct of the public procurement procedure
Procedure of award
Public contracts of low value
Challenging upon breach of the rules on awarding public contracts

Competition Law

Unfair competition
Abuse of a monopoly or dominant position
Abuse of superior bargaining position
Authorization for concentration operations between enterprises
Notice to thе Competition Protection Commission
Challenging acts of the Competition Protection Commission

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Preliminary analysis for compliance with the new GDPR requirements
Report on the compliance with the GDPR-provisions
Set of model documents for application
Deployment of the new GDPR-systems
Current monitoring and updating
Personal Data Protection Officer

Administrative Law

Issuance of individual, general and legislative administrative act
Conclusion of administrative contracts
Issuance of any kind of licences, permissions, concessions, etc.
Administrative challenging of acts
Legal challenging of acts
Annulation of legally valid court acts

Transfer of business to Bulgaria

Transfer of business from abroad to Bulgaria
Legal and tax incentives
Registration of trade representative office in Bulgaria
Issuance of a certificate of an investment class
Investment projects of national or regional importance
Investment encouragement measures

Liability for damages of the state and the municipalities

Liability of the administration for illegal activity
Liability of the law enforcement authorities for infringement of rights under the Convention for the Protection of the Human Rights and the Fundamental Freedoms
Claiming accountability for actions of the Commission for Illegal Asset Forfeiture
Applications against infringement of the right of hearing of the case and resolution within a reasonable period of time
Claiming accountability from the judicial authorities for infringement of the right of hearing the case and resolution within a reasonable period of time
Defence before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

Insurance Law

Issuance of licences to insurance companies
Registration of insurance brokers and agents
Property insurance
Third party insurance
Claiming insurance compensation in out-of-court procedures
Claiming insurance compensation in court procedures

Intellectual and industrial property

Copyright and related rights
Utility models
Industrial design
Internet law

Space Law

Artificial satellites legal status
Ownership of artificial satellites, in orbit or on the ground
Regulations concerning Telecommunications or Science satellites
Space junk- responsibilities, necessary actions
Liability for damages done by artificial satellites

Liquidation and insolvency

Winding-up and liquidation of trade companies and non-profit organizations
Opening of an insolvency procedure
Restoring of the assets of the insolvent estate
Lodgement of claims
Restructuring of enterprises in insolvency
Liquidation of the assets

Cryptocurrency law:

Buying and selling cryptocurrency as natural or legal entity
Anti-money laundering and know your customer policies
Transfer of cryptocurrency
Taxing cryptocurrency, mining, VAT, etc
Crypto markets and exchange providers
Jurisdictions and Restrictions on crypto
Investment in crypto

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution
Litigation areas
Pre-judicial phase
Judicial phase
Post-judicial phase