Corporate Law

General Corporate Services
Mergers and Acquisitions
Restructuring of companies
Trade transactions
Registered pledges
Proceedings before the Commеrcial Register

Banking & Finance

Financial Institutions and Regulations
Corporate Lending
Bank insolvency
Project financing
Collateral, operating and financial leasing
Capital Markets

Real Estate and Construction

Legal Analysis on Properties
Real Estate Transactions
Condominium Management
Lease of Properties
Urban Planning and Development

Tax and Accounting Law

Corporate tax, distribution of dividends
Value Added Tax
Local taxes and fees
International taxation
Accounting service
Administrative and judicial challenging of tax adjustment notices

Public procurement

Rules on public procurement
Guarantee of publicity and transparency
Preparation and conduct of the public procurement procedure
Procedure of award
Public contracts of low value
Challenging upon breach of the rules on awarding public contracts

Competition Law

Unfair competition
Abuse of a monopoly or dominant position
Abuse of superior bargaining position
Authorization for concentration operations between enterprises
Notice to thе Competition Protection Commission
Challenging acts of the Competition Protection Commission

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Preliminary analysis for compliance with the new GDPR requirements
Report on the compliance with the GDPR-provisions
Set of model documents for application
Deployment of the new GDPR-systems
Current monitoring and updating
Personal Data Protection Officer

Administrative Law

Issuance of individual, general and legislative administrative act
Conclusion of administrative contracts
Issuance of any kind of licences, permissions, concessions, etc.
Administrative challenging of acts
Legal challenging of acts
Annulation of legally valid court acts
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The professional consultants at Svetlan Iliev’s Law Firm, have been creatively solving legal challenges for more than 30 years. No legal matter is too small or too big. We believe that an ongoing relationship with a trusted legal advisor is a key part of business success. We’re with you from the beginning to the happy end, guiding you through incorporation, tax planning, succession issues, and even your exit strategy.


Our clients come from many industries, including the pharmaceutical, giftware, IT, banking, automotive, construction, and real estate sectors. We consider ourselves an integral part of your team, supporting you through the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship and growth.



A law firm offers you legal protection for you and your interests.

Our fees are determined by negotiation – according to the nature of the case, and they can not be lower than the minimum rates of the lawyers’ fees established in the current legislation.

Depending on the case, we can offer a deferred payment of the fee to ensure accessibility of our services.

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